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Treasure Basket                              10/25/16 OR 10/26/16 (Tuesday or Wednesday)

This small, rectangular basket will hold anything from napkins to bills.  Classically simple with a braided seagrass accent, this is a great little basket for all weaving levels, from absolute beginners to those wanting a refresher course in basketry skills.  Techniques include plaiting, base shaping with filler spokes, start/stop weave with hidden ends, and a basic lashed border. 

Materials:  rattan, braided seagrass, and cane.  Size:  8 ½” X 5” X 4”.  Weaving level:  All.  Cost:  $52.


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Small Round Plant Basket            11/14/16 OR 11/15/16  (Monday or Tuesday)

Wicker basketry basics meet functional design in this unpretentious but pleasing plant basket (plant saucer is included) finished with a sturdy rolled border.  Techniques include overlaid base, Japanese twill, twining, triple twine with step-up, hidden joins, and 3 step rolled border.

Materials:  rattan round reed.           Size:  4 ½” base, rim 7 ½ “, height 4”.  Weaving level:  All.  Cost:  $58.